"Long Beach Model T Club"

."You will find men who want to be carried on the shoulders of others, who think that the world owes them a living. They don't seem to see that we must all lift together and pull together."Henry Ford"

About Us

Founded in Long Beach, CA in 1954, the Long Beach Model T Club is dedicated to preserving and maintaining Model T Ford vehicles of ancient age and historical value. The Club also serves as an accurate and technical source of information concerning such vehicles for the benefit of it’s  members and the general public.





Cranking Calendar

 September 2014

 3rd - Board Meeting

11th - General Meeting 

13th – Model T Garage

20th - Driving Tour

28th – Club Breakfast
















Club Tours


September Teerific – TOUR

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Palos Verdes Peninsula

The September T-tour will be a leisurely drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Our drive will take us through coastal woods, bluffs with beautiful sea views and other wonderful scenery. We’ll visit the Point Fermin Lighthouse in Point Fermin Park in San Pedro. Join the tour and the wonderful scenery and experience a beautiful drive along the coast. Then provided adequate parking is available at the park we’ll stop for lunch at Walker’s Café (701 W. Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro) otherwise an alternate selection will be made.

We will depart the Ace/McDonald’s Parking Lot at 8:30 a.m.

If you have any questions call Andria at 562-787-1871.






Long Beach Model T Club

P.O. Box15841 Long Beach CA 90815

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60th Annual Parts Exchange


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Club Breakfast

Join us at Hoff’s Hut, Los Altos:  2147 Bellflower Blvd.  9:00 AM Saturday,...

General Meeting

Thursday, May  8, 2014  7:30 PM